Couple Spotlight: Jason and Nicole


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Hello Lovelies!
We are excited to introduce Jason and Nicole!
Another fall wedding is on the way and we are busy getting ready for Jason and Nicole’s nuptials this Friday. We cannot wait to assist this lovely couple in making all their plans come true in just a couple days. As anticipation grows, we wanted to share a little bit about them.
When did you and your fiancé meet? And how? 

Jason and I met on our very first day of college; he was the dorm neighbor of a new friend of mine. We came from polar opposite sides of California; I had never seen such spikey, tall hair and he had never met a girl whose attention span was so short. We became friends fast and remained so for a while until we had our official first date on Valentines Day of that school year.

Spill the beans on the how he popped the question.

Jason had a very big plan for the day, which I promptly ruined by saying I had no desire to go to the tide pools, but he proceeded to drive to the beach anyhow much to my dismay. As soon as he realized I really wasn’t going to change my mind and go to the beach he said, “Fine, we will just head home then.” We turned back onto PCH and headed to what I thought was home. Next thing I know we are pulling into a beautiful beach side hotel. He gets out of the car, grabs his suitcase, and I am left standing their suitcase-less and in my gym clothes at cocktail hour. We get to our room and I am feeling a little confused by this point and nervously start rummaging around. I swing open the closet doors and there hangs a beautiful dress, shoes, jewelry, the whole nine yards. I turn to ask about it and I see Jason on one knee. It was the perfect moment we had time to celebrate just the two of us before we quickly called our families, who had been waiting in anticipation as he had already asked their permission.

What are some must haves & specific details for your wedding?

For us it is all about family, friends, and celebration. We want everyone to feel that they are being treated to an evening out and that they had a hand in the evening. One thing we did to achieve this was on our RSVP cards we left a section where we asked our guests to provide the names of a couple songs that they would love to dance to at the reception. In addition, since it’s all about our family and friends spending time together, we opted for a Friday wedding so Saturday can be a planned day for all guests to hang by the pool, feast, and hang out!

What’s been the best part of being engaged?

The best part of being engaged is being given time to think about what our marriage means to us, what will it look like, and what we want to achieve as a couple. It is the only time in your life where there is an emphasis on preparing a relationship for joy, hurdles, compromises, and successes. It’s wonderful to feel so connected and strong.

Do you have any advice for future brides?

As cliché as it may sound it is so true, ENJOY the moment because it is just that. The time you are engaged passes so quickly. Celebrate the little things, connect with your family, and most of all, do what you want it’s your day. If there is a tradition you don’t like, don’t do it. If you have a vision in mind, make it happen.

What is your honeymoon plans?

We are going to a little island in the Bahamas for some serious R&R. Since our wedding date is only a few weeks away from Thanksgiving, then Christmas quickly follows, we opted to wait until January. We are excited that we will be settled from all the wedding excitement to enjoy some time just the two of us.

As your wedding quickly approaches, which part of the big day are you most excited for?

Honestly, I am excited to have all of the most important people in our lives together at the same time, who could ask for more?

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In Love,

The RiL Girls

A Pumpkin Inspired Wedding


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Planning a fall wedding?

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, right?

If you are interested in infusing pumpkins into your wedding, here are a few ideas on how to have a pumpkin inspired wedding:

Whether for wedding announcements or a fall wedding photo, consider taking photos at a pumpkin patch or in a pumpkin field.

Make a gorgeous fall wedding centerpiece with anything from wheat, to mini pumpkins, to apples, or other fruits and squashes; the dark rustic colors are perfect for an autumn wedding.

Got to love these “I do” pumpkins to take photographs with, but lets face it, it would look cuter if “I do” was carved into the pumpkins. You can also have bridesmaids hold little pumpkins instead of bouquets for something different (you can even hollow out the centers and put flowers in the pumpkins for something a bit fancier).

Wedding cakes these days never seize to amaze me; the pumpkin and leaves make this wedding cake so festive!

As a great way to decorate your guest sign in table, carve a pumpkin with a lovely quote or saying.

Use shades or yellow, red, orange, and brown for fall color wedding bouquet and wrap with burlap to finish it off.

Some may think orange is a harsh color to wear, but a pumpkin shade of orange can actually be flattering in the right setting. Sunflowers are another great bouquet option for fall and accent pumpkin hues well.

Groomsmen do not necessarily have to wear a flower boutonniere; something earthy like wheat looks manly and perfect for fall.

These flower girls are adorable in their tutu inspired dresses. The browns and orange compliment each other nicely as well.

Instead of throwing flowers, the flower girl can throw leaves (real or fake) instead; leaves are a perfect alternative for the fall.

The ring bearer can carry a pumpkin ring carrier instead of a pillow.

Line the aisle with pumpkins; whether plain, carved with candles inside, or hollowed out with flowers, this can turn out beautiful!

Haystacks, flowers, and pumpkins make a cute altar.

We mustn’t forget about the wedding favors! Giving away something like pumpkin cake pops or cupcakes is creative, cute, and not to mention, yummy!

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Have a Stand-Out Wedding Bouquet


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Make your wedding bouquet stand out by being original and innovative.

There are many different ideas out there that can be applied to your wedding bouquet, which can make your bouquet out-of-the-ordinary and extraordinary. Whether you want to use real flowers or fake ones, here are some ideas that you may find interesting:

How cute are these butterflies on this bouquet? This would be adorable for a springtime outdoor wedding! Even dragonfly or little bird embellishments would look cute as well; they definitely add something special to the flowers.

This bouquet is remarkable with its unique heart shaped spherical design; we think it’s a total eye-catcher!

Use colorful flowers along with neutral colors to create shapes within the bouquet. When this is held at the right angle, the shape can be seen in photographs; you can create anything from a heart, to your guys’ initials, to your wedding date, to another symbolic meaning you may love.

This is really simple but definitely has the ability to impress. Even though these flowers are paper, they still look super cute, especially because they are over-sized.

This large satin flower is yet another simple concept, but would be adorable for all the bridesmaids to carry.

This bouquet uses paper flowers as well, but notice the writing on some of the pedals of the flowers; you can write anything on there from Bible verses, to vows, to music lyrics.

This is made of silk flowers, gems, and embellishments; it’s different but still looks very elegant and classy.

If you are looking for something affordable, DIY, and unique, make a bouquet with buttons.

Bouquets made of fabric flowers with button centers are another one-of-a-kind alternative to using real flowers. Another great thing about using fake flowers is that they will last forever, along with the wedding memories.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Couple Spotlight: Shannon & Shaun


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Hello Lovelies!

It’s a happy Wedding Wednesday as the RiL girls are preparing to beat the heat at a backyard wedding this weekend.

Meet Shannon & Shaun.


When did you and your fiance meet? And how?

– I met my fiance in 2003 at Stingaree nightcub in San Diego. We both worked there at the time, and it was the new hot happening night spot. Our first date was a poker night and dinner in Old town.

Spill the beans on the how he popped the question.

-He asked me to marry him on the Northshore of Hawaii, near Bonzai pipeline on a surf break called Rock piles. It was Christmas day and he took me on a walk on the beach, we were taking pictures of eachother. When I went to snap a picture of him he was down on one knee on the sand holding my engagement ring. I was in shock, so shocked I actually forgot to answer the question he was asking. When I finally said yes, my family ran down the beach and congratulated us. We celebrated at Turtle Bay for dinner that night! 

What are some must haves & specific details for your wedding?

-My wedding has a rustic vintage feel. Alot of lace and twigs. The underlying theme is a birds nest. We like to call our new home our “nest”, and the reference in all the twigs and grapevine in the decor is Shaun and I building our nest together. 

What’s been the best part of being engaged?

– The best part of being engaged is going through a “honeymoon phase” all over again! We have been together for nearly 6 years and we are so excited and our love is stronger than ever.

Any advice for future brides?

-My advice for future brides, is soak it all in… every moment. The engagement flys by, and its important to appreciate every one in a lifetime moment.

What are your honeymoon plans?

-Honeymoon is in Thailand, for 2 weeks!

As your wedding quickly approaches, which part of the big day are you most excited for?

– I’m most excited to walk down the aisle and see Shaun’s face smiling at me. It is a moment I have been dreaming of my whole life.  


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in Love,

The RiL Girls

Wedding Guest Books


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It seems as if the average wedding guest book gets stuck in a cupboard or drawer somewhere and completely forgotten about until it is time to do some spring-cleaning, but this does not need to be the case. No longer do your guest books have to be a simple book with papers and pen marks; they can be unique, cute, and many ideas can be made into home decor or something useful.

Your guests can write on stones, which can wind up being part of your home decor later on. Place them in a wine glass, Mason jar, or vase for a cute and polished look.

Set up a photo booth, a Polaroid, or digital camera with a printer, so guests can either take photos and write a message on them, or they can put a scrapbook together right then and there by adding the photo to an album and writing a special note underneath.

Have a tree with paper leaves. Set out the precut paper leaves with pens and ribbon to hang them with, so guests can write their well wishes as a fun guest sign in. The finished product can go up in your house, be taken apart and put in a scrapbook, or laminated for preservation and restrung on the tree.

Have a pen and card set up at everyone’s table setting so they can sign it at their leisure. I also love the idea of giving each guest a fun question to answer; the results can make a fun little booklet.

This is such a fun idea! Make fill-in-the-blank cards for everyone to fill out. Imagine how much fun these will be to look back at in 10 years.

Have people sign recycled wine bottles. The recycled wine bottles can either be used as flower vases or as a source of light (by drilling two holes in the back of the bottle and stringing lights through) later on.

Just like in high school when everyone signs your yearbook, have friends and family write their warm wishes in a photo book or album of your engagement and dating photos.

How cute are these heart cutouts? Make cute cutouts for everyone to write notes on, when finished, they can be placed in a basket, box, or bag for you and your hubby to go home and look through after the honeymoon.

Guests can sign an engraved plate or dish, which you can have on display at your house for memories that will last years to come!

I really love all these ideas for friends and family to give advice to you as a newlywed couple. It is nice to know what has worked for everyone else and hear his or her perspective on certain situations.

This is pretty funny! Have a “caption this” sign in. Everyone can write their own caption on your guys’ photos.

Got to say, this is probably one of my favorites. When sending out wedding invitations, include a blank recipe card for everyone to fill out, so they can bring it to the wedding and place it in a box; you will have an instant cookbook!

When signing in, everyone can write their address, phone number, email, etc. so you can ensure that you have everyone’s contact information without having to scramble to get it last minute later on.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Bridesmaid Headwear


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Instead of paying to get hair done, having bridesmaids wear headpieces can be a great alternative. Many ideas can be fast, easy, low-cost, and DIY.

You can buy plain headbands, hats, hair pins, or barrettes and add embellishments to them. In fact, you can even have a get-together with all your bridesmaids so everyone can make their headpieces together; this could be a great ice-breaker if not all your bridesmaids know each other before the bachelorette party.

Here are a few fun ideas for your wedding:


I know hats aren’t always for everyone, but this hat is a super cute idea for an outdoor summer or spring wedding.

This reminds me of a hippie headband, but I think something like this would look perfect if your bridesmaids have long maxi style dresses.

This crochet headband can be a super cute look with the right dress. If you do not want to make your own, check out Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids makes headbands that all the girls can wear and provide jobs to those in need in third world countries.

Hair pins/barretts are a super cute and easy to fix hair with. They are perfect for a casual small wedding.

You cannot go wrong with a classic flower crown. Not only do they smell nice, but they can be dried up and kept as a keepsake after the wedding also.

Real (or fake) flowers look gorgeous in any woman’s hair.

Do you have feathers in your bouquet? Try feathers on your bridesmaids’ headbands as well.

Be mismatched. One girl can wear a bow, one can wear a flower, one can wear a flower crown, one can wear a hat, and one can wear a headband.

Getting hair done can be expensive, so these ideas can definitely help out those on budget and looking for something unique.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Celebrity Weddings


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In honor of throwback Thursday we wanted to share some lovely photos of famous celebs that have tied the knot years ago.

These lovely ladies sure knew what they were doing even back in the day. Though fashions have changed, we can still find certain elements that would still look hot even by today’s standards.

Elvis and Priscilla Presley: I have always adored Priscilla’s smokey cat eyes and volumized hair. I know some may think her eye makeup is a little much, but she can definitely pull it off!

John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy: Always elegant and classy, Jacqueline’s off the shoulder style dress was way ahead of her time. No wonder she has always been one of the top style icons of all time!

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton: Ok, so I am not 100% sure if this is from their actual wedding, but this looks like it can be the real deal! Love her toga styled one shoulder dress and flowers in her hair. Elizabeth always looked stunning no matter where she was or what she was doing.

Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”: Though this was not a real wedding, this is a photo from the wedding scene in Marilyn’s famous movie “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes;” not only is her skin and makeup flawless, but her lace bell sleeves look beautiful as well.

Princess Diana in her wedding to Prince Charles: This dress was conservative and perfect for a princess. However, I have to admit, puffy is really not my thing, but apparently that was the style in the early 90’s. Regardless, I have to say, her flower bouquet was gorgeous!

Audrey Hepburn: Here are photos of Audrey, both from her real life wedding to Andrea Dotti and from her movie “Funny Face.” In the above photo, I love her heavy bangs under her headscarf, for the right person, bangs would look adorable with a veil. In the bottom photo, I like how her dress is form fitting on the top and extends out like a princess dress at the bottom.

We could all learn a little something from these fashionistas. Even though these photos are old, they still look timeless. It would be nice to impress everyone, including your great grandchildren, with your wedding photos.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Bridesmaid Shoes


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I know many people are fond of the traditional silver, gold, nude, or shoes that match the dress color heels, but I get a thrill out of seeing something different. It is so refreshing to see things that have never been done before. I encourage you to break this tradition by being bold and daring.

Find shoes for your bridesmaids that stand out and make a statement. Picking bridesmaid dresses can be fun, but choosing bridesmaid shoes can be just as fun. With all the options there are, you can find the perfect ensemble to match your style and your bridesmaid’s style as well.

Whether you are “country” or not, cowboy boots are a great idea for bridesmaids. They are comfortable and easy to walk in, and not to mention, photos like these turn out adorable!

Pattered shoes are a super cute way to spice up a solid color dress.

Color block or “add a pop of color” with bright colored shoes opposite from the color of the dress.

All the girls can wear mismatched shoes. Having different colors and styles allows everyone to have their own style incorporated in the wedding. The girls can even wear shoes from their own closet to save money!

The color of the shoes can match the color of the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Small heeled or flat booties look cute with dresses as well. Studded, sparkled, printed, or bright colored booties could look super cute with the right dress also.

Let’s face it, for most of us, heels kill after a while. So why not give everyone’s feet a break with ballet flats? They can go all night in these!

Flip-flops are perfect for a beach themed or outdoor wedding. They can even be a DIY super cheap project; buy plain flip-flops and add embellishments to the straps.

These heels are super cute and unique; I love how the shoe goes up to the ankle.

Flat strappy sandals are another great idea for those looking to spare their feet from pain.

Toms shoes has special shoes, which look great for weddings. Not only will your feet thank you, but those in other countries will as well; Toms gives a pair of shoes to those in need for every pair sold.

If flats aren’t your “thing” and you are still looking for shoes with height, wedges are a great alternative to heels. There are many cute wedges out there, from strappy and summery or closed toed and classy, there should be perfect a pair for everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, traditional shoes are nice, but out-of-the-ordinary can be extraordinary!

Have fun creating the perfect head to toe look for your bridesmaids.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Bridesmaids In Skirts


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Skirts and tops are a great alternative to bridesmaid dresses. Not only can they potentially be a lot cheaper, but they can be flattering for many body types as well.

Some girls don’t like to wear dresses; skirts and tops can be a happy-medium form dresses to tops and pants.

Instead of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, have bridesmaids wear mismatched skirts. Whether it is pencil, hi-low, A-line, pleated, etc. there is bound to be a cut and style fitting for all their body types.

Another idea is to wear mismatched tops. All the skirts can be the same, but everyone can wear different styled tops. If some want their arms covered and others want to wear tank tops, this is a sure way to please everyone. Some can even wear patterned tops as well.

Bridesmaids can be bold in patterned skirts. Keep the tops simple in order to impress with a daring pattern skirt on the bottom.

For a conservative and classy look, long skirts will do the trick.

Simple and casual, these ruffled tops with pencil skirts look super cute and would be perfect for a backyard wedding.

DIY! You can easily make tutu skirts with tulle from a local fabric store. Have a fun bridesmaid get-together so everyone can make her own tutu.

Here are more tutu skirts. Love the striped tops and ribbon around the waist!

Lace skirts are classic and elegant. By choosing a neutral colored skirt, you can pair it with a colorful top to add a “pop of color.”

These tiered skirts look so cute paired with these white tank tops; great way to spruce up a plain tank top that everyone will likely already have in her closet.

They say opposites attract, right? Every other bridesmaid can switch up her look.

If your wedding is on a colder day, bridesmaids can wear a sweater with their skirt.

There are a lot of ways to switch up your bridesmaid’s looks with skirts and tops.

While most bridesmaid dresses collect dust in the back of the closet, skirts and tops can be used again on many occasions; since these outfits can be reused, this idea can even be considered “green.”

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Wine Glass Centerpieces


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Use wine glasses for more than just drinking with.

Whether you are having a wine themed wedding, or just looking for different options for centerpieces, there are many cute and unique ways to use wine glasses as part of your centerpiece.

Turn the glasses upside down; the bottom can be used as a candle holder, while the cup can be used as a dome for the flowers. You can even use crepe paper flowers, silk flowers, fruit, or veggies in the dome for something different.

These giant wine glasses make an awesome focal point for your table centerpiece. The glasses can be filled with anything from flowers, to beda/goldfish, to marbles, etc.

Ok, this is obviously a martini glass, but the same idea can be used with wine glasses (big or small) as well; feathers cam be used to create a “pop of color” and are more “wallet friendly” than flowers.

Fill glasses with rocks, stones, pebbles, or marbles and candles, tie the stem with a ribbon, and place on a glass/mirror plate; this sure beats a votive candle holder.

Dress the glasses to set the bride and groom’s table apart.

Make a stand by using upside down wine glasses between two plates, pieces of glass, or mirrors.

Fill the glass with recycled corks from wine bottles.

How beautiful are these tulips? Wrapping the flowers like a bouquet will help the flowers to stand up in the glass better.

Place fruit in wine glasses; this would look nice paired with candles and larger flower vases.


Use ribbons with your wedding colors to make a unique one-of-a-kind decorative centerpiece.

Colored wine glasses make cute napkin holders and rich colored stones are a beautiful way to incorporate color as well.

Instead of a vase, use wine glasses along with slices of fruit in the water for your flowers.

This is too cute for a beach wedding. Fill the glass with sand and seashells; this is another great way to save money as opposed to using flowers!

Fill the glasses with water or colored water and place floating candles inside; this makes another great candle holder!

There are a lot of cute centerpieces that can be made with wine glasses and they are great alternatives to vases and votive candle holders.

In Love,

The RiL Girls