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Have you ever found yourselves saving (or hoarding) wine bottles because they are pretty, their shape or just because you love the bottles? I know I’m guilty! Why not agree to actually do something with them? Well you’re in luck because we want to help you out.

This coming weekend we are doing a project of decorating wine bottles with puffy paints and spray painting them to use as vases or in centerpieces. In order to have the bottles ready all labels must be removed! Here are some simple tips to help…

1. Fill a sink with very hot, soapy water

2. Soak wine bottles for 5-10 minutes


3. Check the labels (some may peel off almost immediately) & start removing them


4. Continue to soak the hard to remove labels for longer as you work on other bottles

5. Take something like a fork and use the side of the prongs (it’s less abrasive than a knife, just don’t use your mother’s real silver) and scrape the labels that don’t want to budge and voila!


6. If you have any sticky residue left on the bottles, purchase so Goo Gone and it will finish the job

Once the bottles have completely smooth surfaces they are ready for your project! Stay tuned to see the bottles we create so you can have some ideas..

in Love,
Brittany & Allie