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Happy Wedding Wednesday & have we got the blog for you!

Tired of not finding the exact frame you need? Whether its the style or the size, we have the how to blog to help you build your own!

Picture frames are a hot item at weddings, especially for photo booths! Shopping around shouldn’t be your only option…


1. Make sure you have the tools to do this.. You will need a saw! If you don’t have the tools, find a man!

Meet papa Cromelin, Britt’s dad 🙂


2. Pick out your molding . Make sure to purchase the length you need plus an extra 8 inches per side
EX: I’m making a 12×16 frame so it may seem like i would only need 56″ but I purchased 96″ so there’s room for error


3. Cut the first edge of the wood at a 45• angle with the outside edge for the frame to have the taller side of the angle


4. Measure from the short side down 11.5″ and make your mark. We are making the cut under by a half inch to leave room to rout the back edge where your picture will eventually sit in place


5. Cut the wood at a 45• angle, opposite the first cut. One side is now created!


6. Use the first cut to measure the second cut so they will mirror each other in size


7. Measure and cut for the 16″ sides the same way you did for the 12″ sides as done in steps 3-6


8. Lay the frame together to make sure all edges are properly fitting


9. Use wood glue (or white glue) to temporarily hold one corner together


10. Reinforce the corner with a nail gun, be careful to keep the gun straight so nails don’t shoot out the sides


11. Repeat on remaining 3 corners

12. Viola! You have a frame. Putty all the nail holes and uneven corners, let dry then paint at your freedom


Stay tuned because this project is to be continued as we make a hidden bulletin board

in Love,
Britt & Allie