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Are we feeling creative today?

Well if so, you are in luck! We want to show you how to age paper so you can make some really nice pieces for decor, place cards, and anything that paper can be used for!

What you will need:
• Strong Brewed Coffee
• 2 Baking Sheets / Pans
• An Oven set at 200 degrees
• Your choice of Paper Product


1. Pour the cup of coffee into one of the empty pans


2. Lay the paper into the coffee


3. Flip paper over to make sure both sides are covered with coffee (if needed)


4. Let soak for approximately 1 minute. At this step you may add ground coffee onto the paper and rub around to create a more rugged look


5. Transfer paper to the dry baking sheet


6. Place in oven for roughly 6 minutes. Keep an eye on the paper since it just needs to stay in there until it is dry!


7. Check for dryness and remove from oven! And violá, you have vintage paper!


In our scenario we will be using these tags as place cards, but we also have a bucket list tree and as you see below are finished items of what your paper will look like!


If you would like the writing to appear aged as well, be sure to write on the paper prior to putting it through the aging process.

Who’s ready to be creative now?!

in Love,
The RiL Girls