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We recently got to start one of the best little journeys our business has yet to take and it was for our logo design!

As a Wedding Wednesday gift, we are announcing our very own logo… Meet Rooted in Love’s new look


The process was long, fun and we struggled with much indecisiveness but we finally decided on this one.

Our logo designer is Elise from Hey, Sweet Pea. It’s best to find a designer that you will work well with so they can understand you and care to your needs and wishes without too much prying πŸ˜‰

The process was a learning experience, starting off with a packet of questions, scenarios, words and more questions! It is fun taking the opportunity to really be able to showcase your business to someone else for the first time.

After the first round of questions and get to know you’s, and the stalking Elise must have done to really understand who we are she came up with this amazing inspiration board:


From there it’s on to the initial logo design possibilities… Talk about options!!. From the choice of the design, it’s onto to colors and so on..

You get the picture, I think what you are most excited to see is how we will be branding ourselves from here forward and here’s a start:


You can see our first piece used on our FaceBook Page

All in all, logo design is a great way of learning the steps in understanding how to effectively start branding yourself. We highly recommend it.

Hope you all love our new look! Be sure to share it if you do πŸ™‚

in Love,
The RiL Girls