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Happy Monday!

Just yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to run in the Surf City Half Marathon and we had a blast.

Boy do long runs take a toll on ones body but they are so worth it.

We just wanted to share this to show you all what we do in the off season of weddings! Here are some photos from the half marathon:





We love being involved in these wonderful types of events and also because there are great organizations involved.

When you have the time you should check out:
Free Wheel Chair Mission
This company is an NPO that provides the gift of mobility to the physically disabled poor in developing countries.

Up and Running Again
Allie’s sister is apart of this wonderful group that trains people to run a half marathon in order to overcome economic poverty. The goal setting and sense of accomplishment from completing these runs translates toward a path of lifelong success.

Now it’s the days after the race and we have a medal, bruises and sunburns to show for it! And we are so not joking about what we have walked away with…


Got a worthy cause you want us to hear about, please share!

in Love,
The RiL Girls