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Wedding fashion has seemingly come a long way from the traditional, old, poofy, and not-so-pretty bridesmaid dress. Those of you who have seen “27 Dresses” know exactly what we mean. Though the movie is probably a bit of an exaggeration, it doesn’t seem too far off from some wedding photos we have seen.

The bride may be pleased, but some of the bridesmaids may not; the last thing a bride wants when planning her wedding is pressure to please everyone while trying to make her visions come true.

Bridesmaids are their own individual person, right? So why not treat them that way?

One of the hottest trends right now is having bridesmaids wear mismatched dresses. Each bridesmaid has her own unique body shape, height, and personality, so dressing in her own fashion can not only help each bridesmaid feel comfortable in her own dress, but possibly help relieve tension for the bride as well.

Future brides have a lot on their mind and trying to find bridesmaid dresses that will please everyone can be a challenge; mismatched dresses can help relieve some of that stress. Ideally, each bridesmaid will find a dress she can feel comfortable in and the bride does not have to worry about finding that perfect dress that will satisfy everyone.

Another benefit of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, is the fact that they can be a time saver. Sometimes finding a day when two or more people can meet may be hard, but if everyone is getting different dresses, the bride can shop with each of her bridesmaids on separate days, which can be better for everyone’s schedules.

Different cuts and styles are a subtle way to mismatch bridesmaid dresses while helping to accommodate each bridesmaid’s body shape. By mixing one shoulder, halter, spaghetti, and strapless dresses, each girl can be comfortable no matter what her upper body build is like. Secondly, dresses with different lengths can help to compliment each girl’s height. Lastly, to flatter everyone’s shape and waistline, find the cut that accentuates each bridesmaid’s best assets. As a bride, these are all ways to ensure each one of your best ladies feels confident in the dress that she is wearing.

Mismatching can go beyond just the cut and style of the dress; a variation of color is a popular way to mismatch as well. If your wedding colors are restricted to two colors, try different shades of the color for each girl to wear. If your wedding colors incorporate three colors or more, some girls can wear one of the colors while the others wear the other color(s). “Ombre,” going from dark to light, is a really big trend this season as well and can be a fun way to mismatch dress colors; the maid of honor can wear the darkest shade and the flower girl can wear the lightest, or vise versa. Playing with colors can be a fun way to impress guests and liven up wedding photos.

A daring bride, who is looking for something different, may want to consider letting one bridesmaid wear a dress with a pattern. Just like a “pop of color” adds spunk to an outfit, a pop of pattern can add some spice to your wedding party.

For some brides this trend may be a little frightening, and if so, it’s ok! The mismatch doesn’t just have to be dresses, it can be a mismatch of accessories and shoes instead.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be stressful; it can be fun and creative while pleasing everyone in the wedding party. Whether mismatched or just a little mismatched, times are changing and everyone has the chance to look and feel fierce and beautiful at the wedding (without outdoing the bride of course).

In Love,

The RiL Girls