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Looking for earthy, organic, and unique ideas for a wedding bouquet?

Fruit and vegetable bouquets are eco-friendly and perfect for a nature loving couple.

Not only are they great for those who are environmentally conscious, but they can be budget friendly as well.

Flower bouquets can be a hefty price, but replacing some flowers with fruits or vegetables can possibly put some ease on your pocketbook. Especially if you decide to make the bouquets yourself, you can save a lot. Being able to pick up the products at a local grocery store or farm makes it a fast and easy process.

Here are some beautiful and creative ideas we found:

This is such a great idea for a spring wedding, the touch of lemon looks beautiful and will smell great.

Orange wedding colors? This idea of using carrots as a corsage and incorporating them in a bouquet is really cute!

If your wedding is in the fall, squash is a rustic and beautiful touch to a bouquet.

A mixture of white, pink, and red strawberries can create a pretty and unique “ombre” effect.

A bundle of radishes, or adding radishes to a bouquet, can look lovely as well; because they are so vibrant in color, they can really “pop.”

This bouquet consists of apples, lemons, yellow peppers, and bananas; it is perfect for a yellow themed summer wedding.

Green wheat makes a perfect backdrop for a bushel of aromatic lavender and roses.

Because of their rich and dark colors, purple and green cabbage can look pretty in a winter wedding.

Artichokes naturally look like flowers, so adding them to a bouquet looks super cute for something different!

This bouquet contains red peppers, strawberries, and cabbage; the contrast of red, purple, and green is definitely eye catching.

Though they are creative, ecological, and cost-effective, all these ideas come with one warning; BE VERY CAREFUL! They can be messy, so take extra caution when holding close to your dress.

If you are concerned with this being too messy, there are plenty of fake fruits and veggies you can use as well; even though they may not be as eco-friendly, they will be a lot cleaner and easier to work with.

Either way, we encourage you to have fun experimenting with different ideas!

In Love,

The RiL Girls