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Food bars at weddings have become quite popular lately.

They are a simple and easy way for your guests to have fun picking out what they like; this will hopefully help avoid any food being wasted, which sometimes happens with preset menu options.

Food bars can also be helpful for those who have special dietary needs; with many options available, they should ideally find something that will work for them.

Not only are food bars great for appeasing your guests, but they are sometimes cheaper than catered food.

Here are some yummy and creative ideas:

Sandwich Bar: An assortment of meats, cheeses, breads, and veggies make for an easy meal perfect for a casual afternoon wedding; don’t forget peanut butter and jelly for the kids!

S’mores Bar: Such an awesome idea! Everyone can have fun making their own s’mores, whether it’s an alternative option to cake, or something guests can have fun making, this is such a creative idea!

Waffle Bar: Sweet and savory waffles can be another alternative to cake, or a tasty snack as well. Arrange an assortment of fruits, nuts, syrups, chocolate chips, and other toppings for guests to make their own delicious creations. Warm waffles are also great with frozen yogurt or fried chicken!

Burger Bar: Guests can choose from beef, chicken, veggie, or turkey burgers, along with toppings and condiments for their own perfect juicy burger.

Pizza Bar: If your reception venue has access to, or you can get a pizza oven, it may be fun for everyone to make their own personal pan pizza. Set up a table spread of toppings so everyone can build their own pizza. If you can find a cook who knows how to cook them just perfect, no one has to worry about cooking their own.

Barbecue Bar: Hot dogs, veggies, beef, chicken, kabobs, or whatever can be thrown on a grill, can be a pleasant meal for an outdoor spring or summer wedding. Don’t forget all the fixin’s that come on the side!

Pop Corn Bar: For guests to take home or munch on at the reception, a flavored popcorn bar has been very popular lately.

Candy Bar: We have heard many people who have candy bars at their wedding; guests can pick out their favorites and take them home, which is a great alternative to Jordan Almonds.

Asian Wok Bar: Guests can have a plethora of choices such as: an assortment of veggies, beef, chicken, tofu, or fish, for the servers to cook up and serve with choice of noodles, whole wheat pasta, white rice, fried rice, or brown rice.

Pasta Bar: Everyone can have their choice of sauce and noodles; whether marinara, pesto, alfredo, penne, whole grain, or spaghetti, guests can choose what they like best and add topings such as chicken, meatballs, veggies, cheese, etc.

Salad Bar: As a main course or just an appetizer, salad bars with all the works are always a safe bet to please most.

Frozen Yogurt Bar: Another alternative to cake, frozen yogurt with choice of toppings can be a healthy hit among guests.

Taco Bar: So delicious and easy to make, offer tacos with all the fillings that make it tasty for everyone.

Milkshake Bar: Just like Coldstone, have a variety of choices such as: candies, syrups, nuts, fruits, soy milk, nonfat milk, regular milk, and an array of ice cream, for guests to pick what they want in their milkshake, a server can put it together and blend; yum!

Cupcake Bar: Have some options of cupcake flavors, leave them plain without frosting, and let guests top their own with their choice of frosting and toppings; guests can either take them home as a favor, or eat them there for a dessert.

Milk and Cookie Bar: Can make a great wedding favor, dessert, or snack. Serving the cookies with choice of milk or coffee.

Fondue Bar: Fondue doesn’t just have to be for dessert; the whole meal can be fondue. Appetizers with cheese fondue, main course with barbecue or teriyaki, and dinner with white, milk, or dark chocolate.

French Fry Bar: Have french, curly, wedge, or sweet potato fries along with delicious toppings like chili, cheese, onions, ketchup, ranch, barbecue, honey mustard, sweet and sour sauce etc.

Coffee Bar: Great when serving dessert, everyone can get a fancy coffee with flavors or syrups. If you can get an expresso/cappuccino machine, people can have lattes, mochas, and cappuccinos instead of just regular coffee.

Buffalo Wings Bar: Works well for an appetizer, offer a selection of chicken wing flavors, served along with dipping sauces; messy, but so good!

Hummus Bar: Wonderful snack or appetizer, hummus can be served with a variety of foods from veggies, to pita bread, to chips, and even meats; with the variety of flavors hummus comes in, there can a lot of options.

Chili Bar: Cute idea for summer, outside, and/or southern style weddings. Serve chili along with everything chili tastes good with like: potatoes, burgers, hot dogs, fries, cheese, and onion.

Potato Bar: Everyone can have their own stuffed baked potato, lay out everything that goes well on a potato such as: cheese, onion, scallions, broccoli, bacon, afredo sauce, chicken, sour cream, etc.

Soup Bar: Relatively wallet friendly, a soup bar can make a great appetizer or main course. Serve along with choice of breads and hopefully everyone can find a soup they like.

Bon appétit!

In Love,

The RiL Girls