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Hello All!

Today is turning out to be a lovely Wedding Wednesday and we want to celebrate by introducing you to Loera and Blair.

Loera will be walking down the aisle to an awaiting Blair in just a matter of days, on July 14th at Dove Canyon.

So in honor of their big day, we want to share a little about this great couple.

When did you and your fiancé meet? And how?

Blair and I Meet five years ago @ Red Robin. Blair had just moved to CA from CO and he asked me out for a drink and I said NO. LOL.

Spill the beans, how did he pop the question?

Blair had my ring for about 2 weeks before he asked me to marry him. Blair wanted to ask me to marry him at Disneyland, but he knew I would catch on. So instead, it was my best friend’s 21st Birthday and we were all out dancing (which I never do), and he had asked her if she would mind if he purposed on her b-day, and she said it wasn’t a problem. So it was about midnight and my best friend and I were dancing when “Sweet Child O’ Mine” came on…. Then all of a sudden Blair came over to dance with me…. Next thing I knew it was pitch black and he was on one knee with this box that lit up the entire room. I really don’t have any idea what he said, but I SAID YES!!!! It was such an amazing night.

What are some must haves & specific details for your wedding?

Our wedding is very simple but full of sparkles. I really can’t think of any Must have’s sorry.

What’s been the best part of being engaged?

We have loved every moment of being engaged. It’s been so fun watching our relationship grow almost into a marriage. I Love just knowing my best friend is soon to be my hubby!!!

Do you have any advice for future brides?

I would say don’t rush. Take it all in day by day. Also, I have loved making my girls gifts because it means more.

What are your plans for a honeymoon?

We will be in Cobo for 7 days and then we are going to Mexico City for 2. We both can’t wait to relax and be with each other!

As your wedding quickly approaches, which part of the big day are you most excited for?

I’m most excited about Blair seeing me in my wedding dress. I have had it for a year and a half and I am very ready for him to see it!!!

– We can not wait to witness Loera and Blair wed in bliss this weekend, while helping to make all of their wedding plans come together!

Until then…

In love,

The RiL Girls