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It’s Wedding Wednesday and we have been wandering upon some great ideas to wrap your bouquet with.

Liven up your bouquet with a unique wrap, which can be easy, D.I.Y. and affordable.
Dog tags or engraved metal plates add a certain “charm” to your bouquet; whether it be your initials, wedding date, quote, etc. they personalize the bride’s bouquet.

Using tulle and embellishments are simple, but still classy and cute.Just like a little pail, everyone can carry their bouquet by a handle, which is super cute in an outside wedding.A personal favorite, add pictures of either the bride and groom’s parents, bride and groom, and/or other pictures of people or things who have important meaning to the bride. To add well wishes, add a horseshoe or any other item that means “luck” to your wrap.   If you are looking for something classy and elegant, pearls may be your perfect match!
If you or someone you know can knit or crochet, you can make make a cute wrap, which can be paired with a ribbon and/or a brooch. 

Printed ribbon adds spunk to a bouquet. Simply add pearls, beads, sequins, etc. to a ribbon in order to make your own design. Diamond mesh ribbon can be wrapped around the flower stems to add shine and sparkle. Use etched porcelain charms to customize your bouquet. Buttons add a cute edge to a bouquet.

Burlap or jute looks earthy and natural for a “green” or outdoor wedding.

Mesh netting is simple and different. Use napkin rings (probably ones which have elasticity) to liven up a plain silk wrap. This can be a perfect opportunity to incorporate your something borrowed; if a mom, grandmother, dad, or grandfather can lend an old handkerchief, it can be used for a wrap.
Lace can always give an old-fashioned and sophisticated feel to your bouquet.

Adding seashells, starfish, sand dollars, etc. is fitting for a beach wedding.

Add scrabble letters to the bride and/or bridesmaid wraps; each wrap can say something different, or be the same!

Don’t forget, bouquets don’t just end with the flowers, there is so much more you can do to make your bouquet unique and beautiful.

So have fun and be creative!

In Love,

The RiL Girls