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Use wine glasses for more than just drinking with.

Whether you are having a wine themed wedding, or just looking for different options for centerpieces, there are many cute and unique ways to use wine glasses as part of your centerpiece.

Turn the glasses upside down; the bottom can be used as a candle holder, while the cup can be used as a dome for the flowers. You can even use crepe paper flowers, silk flowers, fruit, or veggies in the dome for something different.

These giant wine glasses make an awesome focal point for your table centerpiece. The glasses can be filled with anything from flowers, to beda/goldfish, to marbles, etc.

Ok, this is obviously a martini glass, but the same idea can be used with wine glasses (big or small) as well; feathers cam be used to create a “pop of color” and are more “wallet friendly” than flowers.

Fill glasses with rocks, stones, pebbles, or marbles and candles, tie the stem with a ribbon, and place on a glass/mirror plate; this sure beats a votive candle holder.

Dress the glasses to set the bride and groom’s table apart.

Make a stand by using upside down wine glasses between two plates, pieces of glass, or mirrors.

Fill the glass with recycled corks from wine bottles.

How beautiful are these tulips? Wrapping the flowers like a bouquet will help the flowers to stand up in the glass better.

Place fruit in wine glasses; this would look nice paired with candles and larger flower vases.


Use ribbons with your wedding colors to make a unique one-of-a-kind decorative centerpiece.

Colored wine glasses make cute napkin holders and rich colored stones are a beautiful way to incorporate color as well.

Instead of a vase, use wine glasses along with slices of fruit in the water for your flowers.

This is too cute for a beach wedding. Fill the glass with sand and seashells; this is another great way to save money as opposed to using flowers!

Fill the glasses with water or colored water and place floating candles inside; this makes another great candle holder!

There are a lot of cute centerpieces that can be made with wine glasses and they are great alternatives to vases and votive candle holders.

In Love,

The RiL Girls