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Skirts and tops are a great alternative to bridesmaid dresses. Not only can they potentially be a lot cheaper, but they can be flattering for many body types as well.

Some girls don’t like to wear dresses; skirts and tops can be a happy-medium form dresses to tops and pants.

Instead of mismatched bridesmaid dresses, have bridesmaids wear mismatched skirts. Whether it is pencil, hi-low, A-line, pleated, etc. there is bound to be a cut and style fitting for all their body types.

Another idea is to wear mismatched tops. All the skirts can be the same, but everyone can wear different styled tops. If some want their arms covered and others want to wear tank tops, this is a sure way to please everyone. Some can even wear patterned tops as well.

Bridesmaids can be bold in patterned skirts. Keep the tops simple in order to impress with a daring pattern skirt on the bottom.

For a conservative and classy look, long skirts will do the trick.

Simple and casual, these ruffled tops with pencil skirts look super cute and would be perfect for a backyard wedding.

DIY! You can easily make tutu skirts with tulle from a local fabric store. Have a fun bridesmaid get-together so everyone can make her own tutu.

Here are more tutu skirts. Love the striped tops and ribbon around the waist!

Lace skirts are classic and elegant. By choosing a neutral colored skirt, you can pair it with a colorful top to add a “pop of color.”

These tiered skirts look so cute paired with these white tank tops; great way to spruce up a plain tank top that everyone will likely already have in her closet.

They say opposites attract, right? Every other bridesmaid can switch up her look.

If your wedding is on a colder day, bridesmaids can wear a sweater with their skirt.

There are a lot of ways to switch up your bridesmaid’s looks with skirts and tops.

While most bridesmaid dresses collect dust in the back of the closet, skirts and tops can be used again on many occasions; since these outfits can be reused, this idea can even be considered “green.”

In Love,

The RiL Girls