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I know many people are fond of the traditional silver, gold, nude, or shoes that match the dress color heels, but I get a thrill out of seeing something different. It is so refreshing to see things that have never been done before. I encourage you to break this tradition by being bold and daring.

Find shoes for your bridesmaids that stand out and make a statement. Picking bridesmaid dresses can be fun, but choosing bridesmaid shoes can be just as fun. With all the options there are, you can find the perfect ensemble to match your style and your bridesmaid’s style as well.

Whether you are “country” or not, cowboy boots are a great idea for bridesmaids. They are comfortable and easy to walk in, and not to mention, photos like these turn out adorable!

Pattered shoes are a super cute way to spice up a solid color dress.

Color block or “add a pop of color” with bright colored shoes opposite from the color of the dress.

All the girls can wear mismatched shoes. Having different colors and styles allows everyone to have their own style incorporated in the wedding. The girls can even wear shoes from their own closet to save money!

The color of the shoes can match the color of the bridesmaid’s bouquets.

Small heeled or flat booties look cute with dresses as well. Studded, sparkled, printed, or bright colored booties could look super cute with the right dress also.

Let’s face it, for most of us, heels kill after a while. So why not give everyone’s feet a break with ballet flats? They can go all night in these!

Flip-flops are perfect for a beach themed or outdoor wedding. They can even be a DIY super cheap project; buy plain flip-flops and add embellishments to the straps.

These heels are super cute and unique; I love how the shoe goes up to the ankle.

Flat strappy sandals are another great idea for those looking to spare their feet from pain.

Toms shoes has special shoes, which look great for weddings. Not only will your feet thank you, but those in other countries will as well; Toms gives a pair of shoes to those in need for every pair sold.

If flats aren’t your “thing” and you are still looking for shoes with height, wedges are a great alternative to heels. There are many cute wedges out there, from strappy and summery or closed toed and classy, there should be perfect a pair for everyone!

Don’t get me wrong, traditional shoes are nice, but out-of-the-ordinary can be extraordinary!

Have fun creating the perfect head to toe look for your bridesmaids.

In Love,

The RiL Girls