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Instead of paying to get hair done, having bridesmaids wear headpieces can be a great alternative. Many ideas can be fast, easy, low-cost, and DIY.

You can buy plain headbands, hats, hair pins, or barrettes and add embellishments to them. In fact, you can even have a get-together with all your bridesmaids so everyone can make their headpieces together; this could be a great ice-breaker if not all your bridesmaids know each other before the bachelorette party.

Here are a few fun ideas for your wedding:


I know hats aren’t always for everyone, but this hat is a super cute idea for an outdoor summer or spring wedding.

This reminds me of a hippie headband, but I think something like this would look perfect if your bridesmaids have long maxi style dresses.

This crochet headband can be a super cute look with the right dress. If you do not want to make your own, check out Krochet Kids. Krochet Kids makes headbands that all the girls can wear and provide jobs to those in need in third world countries.

Hair pins/barretts are a super cute and easy to fix hair with. They are perfect for a casual small wedding.

You cannot go wrong with a classic flower crown. Not only do they smell nice, but they can be dried up and kept as a keepsake after the wedding also.

Real (or fake) flowers look gorgeous in any woman’s hair.

Do you have feathers in your bouquet? Try feathers on your bridesmaids’ headbands as well.

Be mismatched. One girl can wear a bow, one can wear a flower, one can wear a flower crown, one can wear a hat, and one can wear a headband.

Getting hair done can be expensive, so these ideas can definitely help out those on budget and looking for something unique.

In Love,

The RiL Girls