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Make your wedding bouquet stand out by being original and innovative.

There are many different ideas out there that can be applied to your wedding bouquet, which can make your bouquet out-of-the-ordinary and extraordinary. Whether you want to use real flowers or fake ones, here are some ideas that you may find interesting:

How cute are these butterflies on this bouquet? This would be adorable for a springtime outdoor wedding! Even dragonfly or little bird embellishments would look cute as well; they definitely add something special to the flowers.

This bouquet is remarkable with its unique heart shaped spherical design; we think it’s a total eye-catcher!

Use colorful flowers along with neutral colors to create shapes within the bouquet. When this is held at the right angle, the shape can be seen in photographs; you can create anything from a heart, to your guys’ initials, to your wedding date, to another symbolic meaning you may love.

This is really simple but definitely has the ability to impress. Even though these flowers are paper, they still look super cute, especially because they are over-sized.

This large satin flower is yet another simple concept, but would be adorable for all the bridesmaids to carry.

This bouquet uses paper flowers as well, but notice the writing on some of the pedals of the flowers; you can write anything on there from Bible verses, to vows, to music lyrics.

This is made of silk flowers, gems, and embellishments; it’s different but still looks very elegant and classy.

If you are looking for something affordable, DIY, and unique, make a bouquet with buttons.

Bouquets made of fabric flowers with button centers are another one-of-a-kind alternative to using real flowers. Another great thing about using fake flowers is that they will last forever, along with the wedding memories.

In Love,

The RiL Girls