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Planning a fall wedding?

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, right?

If you are interested in infusing pumpkins into your wedding, here are a few ideas on how to have a pumpkin inspired wedding:

Whether for wedding announcements or a fall wedding photo, consider taking photos at a pumpkin patch or in a pumpkin field.

Make a gorgeous fall wedding centerpiece with anything from wheat, to mini pumpkins, to apples, or other fruits and squashes; the dark rustic colors are perfect for an autumn wedding.

Got to love these “I do” pumpkins to take photographs with, but lets face it, it would look cuter if “I do” was carved into the pumpkins. You can also have bridesmaids hold little pumpkins instead of bouquets for something different (you can even hollow out the centers and put flowers in the pumpkins for something a bit fancier).

Wedding cakes these days never seize to amaze me; the pumpkin and leaves make this wedding cake so festive!

As a great way to decorate your guest sign in table, carve a pumpkin with a lovely quote or saying.

Use shades or yellow, red, orange, and brown for fall color wedding bouquet and wrap with burlap to finish it off.

Some may think orange is a harsh color to wear, but a pumpkin shade of orange can actually be flattering in the right setting. Sunflowers are another great bouquet option for fall and accent pumpkin hues well.

Groomsmen do not necessarily have to wear a flower boutonniere; something earthy like wheat looks manly and perfect for fall.

These flower girls are adorable in their tutu inspired dresses. The browns and orange compliment each other nicely as well.

Instead of throwing flowers, the flower girl can throw leaves (real or fake) instead; leaves are a perfect alternative for the fall.

The ring bearer can carry a pumpkin ring carrier instead of a pillow.

Line the aisle with pumpkins; whether plain, carved with candles inside, or hollowed out with flowers, this can turn out beautiful!

Haystacks, flowers, and pumpkins make a cute altar.

We mustn’t forget about the wedding favors! Giving away something like pumpkin cake pops or cupcakes is creative, cute, and not to mention, yummy!

In Love,

The RiL Girls