Cute Ideas for the Ring Bearer


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I would give the same advice as I gave to those who have a flower girl in their wedding; if you or your (soon-to-be) husband have a close relationship with your ring bearer, take time to reassure him just because you are getting married, your relationship with him will not change. Kids, especially the younger they are, may have a hard time comprehending the situation and would appreciate you taking the time to let them know you still love them even though someone else is becoming a larger part of your life.

Along with this piece of advice, here are some adorable ideas for the ring bearer in your wedding:

This is such a cute idea! Not only does this little dude have swag with his sunglasses on, but he is on high security for the rings too.

Similar to the idea above, this shirt is just too adorable!

This is such a darling ring bearer outfit with shorts (or rolled up pants), suspenders, a hat, and bow tie! He looks like a little old man, but in a cute way of course!

Love this idea of wearing converse instead of dress shoes! I bet your little guy will be a lot more comfortable this way too!

How cool is this? He can drive down the aisle in a little car! What a fun way to entertain guests with something unexpected.

Yet another creative idea, if you have more than one ring bearer, the older one can pull the younger ones down the aisle in a wagon!

Use your favorite quote to put a unique spin on your ring pillow.

Having the ring bearer hold a teddy bear with the rings around its neck is perfect because it’s age appropriate and super cute!

As an alternative to using a pillow, you can use a box to put the rings in, which may be a little easier for him to carry than a pillow would be.

Another common alternative to using a pillow is using a small dish or plate to place the rings on.

You can attach the rings with a ribbon so he can easily carry the rings down the aisle. Also, love this idea of attaching them to a good luck charm such as this horseshoe.

This small haystack is such a great idea for a country style or outdoor wedding.

By far, one of the best ideas I have seen! “Here comes the bride” is adorable, but I think this definitely beats it.

No little boys to be part of your wedding? No problem. Dogs are just as cute! As long as they are well behaved of course.

In Love,

The RiL Girls


All About the Flower Girl


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I was the flower girl in my aunt’s wedding when I was 5, and lets just say my pictures did not come out as well as the one above. Growing up I was very close to my aunt, so when she was getting married, I was not a happy camper. I felt that my (soon-to-be) uncle was taking her away from me and I was not going to see her as often as I was used to. Therefore, on their wedding day, I not only refused to smile in all the pictures except for one, which I took with my parents, but I also laughed and messed around with my aunt’s other (soon-to-be) niece, who was the other flower girl, all the way down the aisle. Looking back now, I feel so bad for what I did. But what could I do? I was 5 and did not know any better.

I share this story with you as a helpful tip. I am not saying your flower girl will be a brat like I was by refusing to smile in pictures and mess around while walking down the aisle, but she may have a hard time understanding or accepting what it happening. If you have a close relationship with your flower girl, you may want to take her aside and reassure her that everything will be ok, you still lover her, and will see her as often as you can. Perhaps, you may even want to set a day aside to spend with her, for example, you can both get pedicures for the wedding together. I know as a soon-to-be-bride there is a lot on your mind, but I am sure your flower girl will be happy to know you did not forget about her. If your flower girl is from your (soon-to-be) husband’s side, maybe you can encourage him to set a day aside for her, so he can talk to her to reassure her he will still be there for her even though he is getting married.

Besides setting a day aside for the flower girl, here are cute ideas for her to dress in as well:

Tutu style dresses are popular for the flower girl. The look is cute, girly, and perfect for a young flower girl.

Cowboy boots are a great idea because they are closed toed and easy to walk in; not to mention, they look super cute as well!

Have her accessorize with gloves, jewelry, and/or a ribbon sash around the waist.

There are a lot of fun options for her hair also.

Though it is common, it never seems to get old; flower crowns will always remain beautiful for the flower girl’s hair.

Hair pins or barretts are easy to manage and look just as pretty as any other choice.

Headbands are great because they can be embellished with anything from flowers, to feathers, to pins, to crystal jewels.

Hats are a nice idea for an outside wedding in order to help keep the sun off her face.

She can feel like a princess by not only wearing a beautiful dress, but by wearing a lovely tiara in her hair as well.

These pigtail braids look adorable and are fast and easy to do. This can be a great alternative to curls, which may be hard for her to sit still for.

Lastly, we must not forget about the flower girl’s most important job, to be the pre-cursor to your big entrance!

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional flower girl basket, she can carry something like a parasol, wands with ribbons to wave, or another unique wand (like seen above).

As an alternative to throwing petals, she can throw paper hearts, doves, horseshoes, four leaf clovers, leaves, sequins, etc.

These are great ideas, especially for a younger flower girl who may have a hard time carrying something in her hands; she can easily carry this by her wrist.

This is one of the cutest things I have seen! I love the idea of using a sign to introduce the bride!

Though I was not excited about my aunt getting married, I loved being in the wedding. I felt like a grownup in the dress and loved having curly hair. I found it to be a very memorable experience. Therefore, I believe your wedding day can impact your flower girl’s life more than you realize; I encourage you to make it as positive of an experience for her as possible.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

10 Simple Steps to Help You Fit in That Dress


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1) When you wake up and before you go to bed, have a cup of hot water with lemon. Lemon acts as a natural detox and the hot water helps to you to burn more calories.

2) Replace your breakfast for a protein smoothie. Use protein powder, egg whites, or a tablespoon of peanut or almond butter for a source of protein; this will help to keep you full until lunchtime. You may also want to add some fresh spinach or kale to your smoothie as well; I even had my doubts about this, but believe it or not, you cannot taste it and it adds an extra source of vitamins.

3) Instead of going out or getting food from the vending machine, bring your lunch to work. I for one know that I eat healthiest when I am at work because I bring food and have no other choice but to eat what I have. Believe me, if I were at home with all my choices in the fridge, freezer, and cupboards, I would probably choose the unhealthy choice, but bringing a healthy pre-packed lunch not only ensures I eat healthy, but saves me money too. Sometimes I even take out my cash and change from my wallet so I am not tempted to get snacks from that oh-so-dangerous (and tempting) vending machine.

4) I know there are many diets out there, but balanced meals are the best way to go. Your body is built to need certain nutrients, so depriving your body of what it needs can only do more harm than good. Just be careful with the carbs, proteins, and dairy you consume. Opt for darker bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes (i.e. sweet potatoes vs. regular Idaho potatoes; whole grain bread vs. white bread; brown rice instead of white rice; whole wheat pasta instead of regular). Be sure to choose lean meats and if you must have red meat, keep your portions small. Even black and kidney beans are great alternatives to meat because they provide a good source of protein. When eating eggs, be sure to take out the yolk and only use the egg whites, and when drinking or using milk for cooking, use fat free, light soy, or almond milk instead.

5) Drink two or more cups of hot or iced green tea on a daily basis. Green tea is an excellent antioxidant and has certain nutrients, which help to burn belly fat and increase metabolism.

6) You probably hear it all the time, but water is truly one of the best things for you. Drink eight ore more glasses a day in order to flush out toxins, keep your metabolism up, and burn fat. They say drinking ice cold or hot water is the best thing for you; your body needs to work in order to bring the water to your body’s temperature, so the more your body works, essentially the more calories you will burn.

7) Here is one of my biggest battles, portion control! It is hard to limit yourself especially when the food is so good! Cut back on heartier foods like meats and carbs and load up on veggies and fruit instead. Better to eat more veggies and fruit than anything else.

8) Snack on healthy low-cal snacks such as: almonds, fruits, hummus, light Laughing Cow cheese, granola bars, raw veggies and Greek yogurt. Almonds are loaded with protein and help to work as an appetite suppressant. Raw fruits, such a blueberries, are a great source of antioxidants. Hummus is a healthier alternative to dip; it tastes great with pita bread, veggies, on a sandwich in place of mayonnaise, or even with meat. Light Laughing Cow cheese is a great alternative to cream cheese; they taste almost the same and it’s only 35 calories a wedge (I personally love this with celery). When choosing granola bars, choose ones without too many preservatives and sweets (like chocolate chips), if you need to add something for a little more flavor, trying spreading a thin layer of peanut or almond butter on top. If you can handle them, raw veggies are the best thing for you; by cooking them, you loose a bunch of nutrients, so try your best to eat them raw, even if you have to eat some hummus or low-fat dressing with them. Lastly, try Greek yogurt, which tastes great with honey, fruits, and/or almonds, or works well as an alternative to sour cream. Even chips and salsa can be a healthy snack; salsa essentially has no fat and if you break up tortillas and bake them with a little salt, it will be a lot healthier than packaged tortilla chips, which are often fried, loaded with salt, and preservatives.

9) Along with going to the gym or doing whatever your work out of choice is, stay as active as you can. On days or nights you and your love are looking for something to do, consider doing something fun and active together. Instead of spending money, go hiking, swimming, bike riding, for a walk in your neighborhood or local park, dancing, or play a sport like tennis or basketball together. Not only will you be saving money (that could be put towards the wedding), but you will have fun together while staying active and burning calories as well.

10) Everyone needs a cheat day for his or her own sanity. There is no doubt that trying to stick with a strict diet 7 days of the week is tough, especially when your fiancé, friends, and family are always wanting to go out. So choose one day of the week to cheat a little. As long as you are keeping up on the other days by healthy eating and working out, one day of a little cheating shouldn’t hurt anything. Many people break their diet when trying to stick with a strict diet, but many more tend to stick with it when they allow themselves a little leeway.

By adding these simple and doable changes to your daily routine, you will not only lose weight, but keep it off as well. There are a lot of fad and get slim fast diets out there, but really, it’s truly about a lifestyle change. Small changes like these make your goals a lot more achievable because you are not starving yourself or depriving your body of certain nutrients. It’s really about making healthy food choices, drinking a lot of natural fluids like water and tea, portion control, and staying active.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

The Centerpiece: Highlight of the Table


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Make your tables stand out with unique centerpieces. Sure, regular flower bouquets are beautiful, but that look has been overdone. There are plenty of creative ways to bypass traditional wedding decor and make your tables unique, bold, and beautiful.  

Use lanterns as the main focal point of your table; they will light up the table and be a charming alternative to large flower centerpieces.

Baby’s breath can be gorgeous by itself; you can add beads/pearls to spruce up the look.

Consider using bright citrus fruits (i.e. lemons, limes, oranges, blood oranges, grapefruit) to brighten up your centerpiece.

Try using grass for a simple and easy-to-manage centerpiece; the added butterfly embellishments are a super cute idea for an outdoor wedding.

Corn kernels and nuts are festive for a fall wedding and would look fantastic paired with pumpkins/squashes, brown branches/sticks, or white, orange, or yellow flowers.

Floating candles look beautiful and elegant in glass vases; the vases can be filled with anything from wood branches, petals, flowers, stones, or seashells.

Whether carved as seen above, hollowed out and carved with a light inside, or plain,  pumpkins would look darling for a fall wedding.

Even fruit (real or fake) in vases can look magnificent as well. The grapes would be perfect for a wine vineyard theme wedding.

Rocks, stones, pebbles, or marbles can be used around candles, in the bottom of vases, or set on the table around the centerpiece.

Lavender is not only pretty, but it has an alluring aroma as well. It can be wrapped around votive candleholders and used in your floral arrangement as well.

For a earthy and eco-friendly look, use veggies as candle holders.

If you are looking for a wallet friendly alternative to flowers, making centerpieces out of things like paper airplanes, pinwheels, origami, etc. can look super cute for a casual wedding.

Feathers seem to be a recent hit among brides planning their wedding. Large feathers can look beautiful alone or mixed with flowers as well.

Candy like lollipops, candy canes, and jellybeans are colorful and cute for an unconventional centerpiece, and the best part is that it is eatable!

For the couple who loves to travel or the couple who is looking for something completely different, using items like a globe, flags, or hot air balloons would be the perfect match!

Filling vases with sand and seashells is prefect for a beach wedding. Especially love the table number written on the sand dollar as well!

Put pictures on or around the vase for guests to see. This could be pictures from your engagement shoot, pictures of you and your soon-to-be-husband doing your favorite things, pictures throughout your dating, or pictures from when you two were kids until now.

Wheat can look really nice with flowers; it looks great for an earthy backyard theme wedding.

Use wine bottle as vases. For an even more unique look, they can be painted or LED floral lights can be put in the vases to light them up.

Food coloring can be used to make drab clear water into vibrant colored water.

An adorable idea for a country wedding, use a cowboy boot for the vase! The flowers can be stuck in floral foam and placed in a boot from a goodwill or vintage store; how cute is this?!

Drill or puncture holes in recycled aluminum cans and place a votive candle or flowers inside. This makes for a cheap but cute table decoration.

Candelabras look lovely in replacement of flowers, with a stunning centerpiece like this, who will miss the flowers?

Fish bowls add a special touch to the table and the fish can always be given away to kids who attend the wedding, just like winning them at the carnival!

If you are a couple who shares a love for reading, old books make an exquisite centerpiece.

Dress your table with a fabulous and unique centerpiece. When guests walk in the reception venue one of the first things they notice are the centerpieces, so have them swoon over one-of-a-kind table decorations.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Cute Styles for Engagement Photos


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It has been a little over a couple of months since we announced the launch of our styled engagement photo shoot package; so in honor of Wedding Wednesday, we wanted to share some cute styles for your engagement and save the date photos.

High-low dresses and skirts are all the rage this season and there are some gorgeous options out there!

This is a perfect flowy dress to wear with a hat and wedges!

The added belt and necklace make this sheer top and skirt very classy.

The scarf and boots make this a perfect ensemble for a fall engagement shoot.

A beautiful pea coat jacket and hat are so cute for a winter engagement and wedding announcement.

A long pencil skirt with a sweater and belt around the waist is conservative but still cute.

This cut and style of dress has been really popular this season as well; not to mention it looks faltering with many body types also.

The jean jacket is back! This look is casual and cute, especially when paired with colored jeans and colored shoes to add a pop of color.

Maxi dresses look great for a beach photo shoot.

A cute dress synched at the waist with chunky and colorful accessories make for a summery and simple outfit.

Loving the pastel sweater with striped skirt; this look is perfect and comfy for spring!

Shorts and tights are super cute! Got to love them with a pair of boots or booties.

Lace is popular and gorgeous this season and would look very elegant and sophisticated in your photos.

We are loving the styles of the season! Seems like pretty much anything goes! Lace dresses with denim jackets; pastels with brights; scarves with shorts… whatever you probably normally wouldn’t put together, is being thrown together anyways! So let your creative juices flow and have fun styling!

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Giving Back at Your Wedding


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As our society becomes more aware of the environment around them, green, eco-friendly, and charitable weddings are seemingly becoming more popular year by year. So if you are looking for ways to give back at your wedding, here a few simple ideas to accomplish your goals.

1) Wear Toms in your wedding or give them as presents to your wedding party; Toms gives a pair of shoes to a person in need for every pair sold.

2) Find a wedding and reception venue at a place such as: historical, regional, and state parks, museums, non-profit organizations, and arboretums, which will ensure proceeds of rental fees will go to helping the venue stay in good shape.

3) Give your wedding party favors from Krochet Kids; for example, bridesmaids can get headbands and groomsmen can get bow ties, or perhaps, bridesmaids and groomsmen can wear these in the wedding. Korchet Kids is giving jobs to those who do not have access to such luxuries in places like Uganda and Peru.

4) Instead of giving your wedding party gifts, give money to their favorite charity of choice.

5) Give your guests reusable bags as wedding favors; with plastic bags being banned in many places, this can be a very useful and “green” gift for everyone.

6) Go green with items like natural burlap, recycled cans/jars/or glass to use for centerpieces, and recycled paper for invitations.

7) Instead of throwing it away, give all your leftovers to people in need of a meal.

8) Instead of receiving wedding gifts, request for guests to give donations or money to your favorite charity. You can also give away the money you get on your wedding tree, instead of keeping it for yourself.

9) Instead of a bouquet, make your centerpieces with plants, which can be re-planted later; you can even have small plants or herbs like sage/rosemary/basil, which can be replanted or used for food as wedding favors.

10) Instead of buying or using chairs made of plastic and metals, have a picnic style wedding where guests can sit on blankets.

11) Donate your dress to someone in need or charities like Brides Against Breast Cancer.

12) Request for guests to carpool to the wedding; guests that can come together in one car will use less gas.

13) Drive or ride off in a hybrid/electric car, stagecoach, or bicycle.

14) Participate in a charity like Walk for the Cure or volunteer somewhere such as a soup kitchen instead of having a bachelorette or bachelor party.

15) Have your wedding and reception at the same place; guests, you, and your wedding party will not have to use more gas driving to a another location.

16) Have guests sign in electronically instead of using paper; websites like Perfect Wedding Wiki sell software that can take pictures of guests with a web cam, upload the photo, and allow guests to sign in while writing a personal message to the bride and groom.

17) Have your wedding and reception early and outside so you will not need to use electricity for lights, air conditioning, etc.

18) Truffles for a Cause is another great idea for wedding favors because when you purchase with Truffles for a Cause, some of the proceeds will go to a charity they work with.

19) Bridesmaids can wear recycled dresses; whether dresses are made with material from other dresses, dresses from bridesmaid’s own closets, or dresses bought used, this saves and reuses fabric.    

20) Purchase your wine, whether for favors or drinks at the wedding, from One Hope Wine; for every bottle sold, they give half the profits to charity.

Weddings can be very expensive, but with all of the money being spent, others can benefit as well; yes, it is your dream day, but you can also make someone else’s dream come true as well, all while taking a few “green” steps towards keeping this world a place we can all continue to safely dream in.

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Have a Blushing Wedding


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Make all your guests “blush” with a blush themed wedding.

Blush tones are soft and elegant and look gorgeous in spring and summer weddings. You can get ideas for color schemes by using your own makeup as a sample color palette.

Whether you make your entire color scheme blush tones, or incorporate just a few blush items, we are loving this trend!

The offset of blush bridesmaid dresses with the bride’s white wedding dress looks beautiful.

Looking for a nontraditional wedding dress? This blush dress is absolutely stunning!

Blush heels can be worn by the bride and/or bridesmaids; they would look gorgeous with white, beige, or gray dresses.

Headband or headpieces with blush embellishments look lovely.

Using a sash or ribbon around the bride or bridesmaid dresses is a great way to spice up a solid color dress.

The bride may want to wear a blush embellished garter.

Wear soft neutral tones of pinks and browns on your lips, cheeks, and eyes.

Paint your nails soft pink or neutral colors; it looks classy and chic.

Blush toned flowers look very pretty by themselves or mixed with white or brighter toned flowers too.

Add ribbon and/or flowers to your ring pillow

Incorporate colors in your altar with flowers, ribbons, or tulle.

Use blush colored balloons for your big exit.

These centerpieces are absolutely remarkable and sophisticated with ivory accents.

Love the added touch of gold to the blush table cloth, napkins, and plates.

Use sheer organza fabric to wrap your chairs with.

Light up your reception with chinese lanterns.

Serve blush toned drinks!

Have a food bar with fun soft pink colored foods like cotton candy, bubble gum balls, pink wafer cookies, frosted donuts, frosted cupcakes, frosted cookies, even colored hard boiled eggs!

Lastly, don’t forget the fabulous wedding cake!

These colors are beautiful alone or work well with white, cream, gray, silver, gold, and light brown color tones.

Let us know what you think, will you use blush tones in your wedding?

We would love to hear from you!

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Unique Bridesmaid Dresses


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Bridesmaid dresses can go beyond the “mismatched” trend; they can be daring, different, and even dramatic.

If you are looking for out-of-the-ordinary bridesmaid dresses, here are some ideas:

Patterned dresses can look very lovely and are a great alternative to solid colored plain dresses.

You can’t have a country style wedding without incorporating Cowboy Boots with simple, but cute Cotton Dresses.

(Don’t forget, you can use clutches instead of bouquets.)

Casual, Everyday dresses used as bridesmaid dresses are cute and affordable because the bridesmaids may be able to use something from their own closest.

Knee Length or Maxi dresses look great for a beach wedding; using bright colors and a cut that flows in the wind, will help pictures to come out fun, summery, and “beachy.”

The bride can never be out-done on her wedding day, so there should be no fear in having bridesmaids wear All White Dresses too; this looks pure and elegant.

Honestly, I do not believe that wearing black or using black in your wedding creates “bad luck”; All Black bridesmaid dresses look nice and classy, especially with white or bright colored bouquets.

A 50’s style is great for a rockabilly couple or someone just looking for something different.

Bridesmaids with a “Pop of Color” spruce up a solid color dress.

(These are actually a skirt and top! So cute and flattering for many body types!)

Striped dresses look fun and flirty and are quite different from the usual bridesmaid dress.

Tiered dresses are cute and can work with many body types.

Toga styled, one shouldered flowing dresses, are gorgeous and would look very cute with a headpiece or headband.

Sailor inspired dresses are adorable for a beach, yacht, or harbor wedding.

Animal Print is bold and beautiful.

A unique spin can be put on Accessories too by wearing stockings, headbands/headpieces, or patterned or colored heels/booties/boots/ or flats.

Don’t be afraid to be sassy while staying classy at your wedding!

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Bouquet Wraps


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It’s Wedding Wednesday and we have been wandering upon some great ideas to wrap your bouquet with.

Liven up your bouquet with a unique wrap, which can be easy, D.I.Y. and affordable.
Dog tags or engraved metal plates add a certain “charm” to your bouquet; whether it be your initials, wedding date, quote, etc. they personalize the bride’s bouquet.

Using tulle and embellishments are simple, but still classy and cute.Just like a little pail, everyone can carry their bouquet by a handle, which is super cute in an outside wedding.A personal favorite, add pictures of either the bride and groom’s parents, bride and groom, and/or other pictures of people or things who have important meaning to the bride. To add well wishes, add a horseshoe or any other item that means “luck” to your wrap.   If you are looking for something classy and elegant, pearls may be your perfect match!
If you or someone you know can knit or crochet, you can make make a cute wrap, which can be paired with a ribbon and/or a brooch. 

Printed ribbon adds spunk to a bouquet. Simply add pearls, beads, sequins, etc. to a ribbon in order to make your own design. Diamond mesh ribbon can be wrapped around the flower stems to add shine and sparkle. Use etched porcelain charms to customize your bouquet. Buttons add a cute edge to a bouquet.

Burlap or jute looks earthy and natural for a “green” or outdoor wedding.

Mesh netting is simple and different. Use napkin rings (probably ones which have elasticity) to liven up a plain silk wrap. This can be a perfect opportunity to incorporate your something borrowed; if a mom, grandmother, dad, or grandfather can lend an old handkerchief, it can be used for a wrap.
Lace can always give an old-fashioned and sophisticated feel to your bouquet.

Adding seashells, starfish, sand dollars, etc. is fitting for a beach wedding.

Add scrabble letters to the bride and/or bridesmaid wraps; each wrap can say something different, or be the same!

Don’t forget, bouquets don’t just end with the flowers, there is so much more you can do to make your bouquet unique and beautiful.

So have fun and be creative!

In Love,

The RiL Girls

Wedding Spotlight: Michele and David


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Hey Everyone!

It’s another Wedding Wednesday and the RiL girls are preparing for another beautiful wedding this weekend.

Meet Michele and David.

The lovely couple will be saying their “I Do’s” on July 21st at Rancho Dos Pueblos in Santa Barbara; and since the wedding is just days away, here are some fun facts on the lovely couple so you can get to know them too.

When did you and your fiance meet? And how?

– We meet through a combination of church and school my freshman and his sophomore year. We were the only people (at the time) who went to Edison High School at our church so we were naturally introduced. We also had a math class together at Edison and would spend some lunches together. Throughout high school we became best friends and didn’t actually start dating until my senior year. 

Spill the beans on the how he popped the question.

-He took me to the spot where we walked to on our first official date over 51/2 years prior. He waited for no one else to be around before he got down on one knee and asked me. His sweet words and beautiful ring dropped me to my knees as well. 

What are some must haves & specific details for your wedding?

-It is all about texture for me! I have decided not to pick wedding colors and just utilize a neutral pallet and infuse as many different textures as possible. I am also bringing in a little eeriness to the romantic wedding location with some different decor. I have also tried to make our day feel as personal and “us” as possible by shaking up and twisting some expected traditional elements of a wedding. 

What’s been the best part of being engaged?

– Getting to plan a life with my best friend!

Any advice for future brides?

-Stay organized from day one! You will be glad you did when you are getting a bit overwhelmed towards the end. Its always nice to keep everything wedding related in one spot so you know where to look when a vendor or even you have a question. AND get a coordinator 🙂

What are your honeymoon plans?

-MEXICO!!! We are going to a fabulous resort in Los Cabos and we cannot wait!

As your wedding quickly approaches, which part of the big day are you most excited for?

-Seeing him for the first time as I walk down the aisle and our first dance would probably be the moments I am looking forward to most. 

We are excited to celebrate their happy day with all their friends and family; along with making all their wedding dreams become reality!

In Love,

The RiL Girls