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Throwing rice as the couple leaves the ceremony is an old tradition to symbolize well wishes and good luck, however, some venues no longer let you do this. In part, this is due to rice being messy and rumors of rice causing harm to birds.

If your venue does not let you through rice, or you simply would like to do something different, here are some alternatives to throwing rice…

Bird Seed: Granted the rumors of rice being harmful for birds are true, or you want to be eco-friendly, and/or you just want to do something nice for the birds, birdseed is still a cute and common option to consider.

Paper Planes: You know the kids at the wedding will have fun with this one, paper airplanes are super cute, especially for a couple who loves to travel.

Lavender: Who cares if this is becoming overly popular? Lavender smells AMAZING and is eco-friendly!

Glow Sticks: When leaving at night, this looks so awesome! It photographs so well!

Pom Poms: Cheap to purchase from a local craft store, pom pom balls are colorful and cute, plus they won’t hurt when all the guests are throwing them at you!

Balloons: Guests letting go of balloons as you pass by them, looks so awesome, and of course, is a great pop of color.

Horseshoes: As a sign of good luck in some cultures, throw horseshoe shaped confetti!

4 Leaf Clovers: Another sign of good luck, cute for a green themed wedding, and perfect for a March wedding, throw confetti 4 leaf clovers.

Fake Snow: So cute for a winter wedding, buying bags of fake snow for guests to throw is cheap and looks lovely in photos.

Leaves: Being eco-friendly, rustic, and colorful, leaves are perfect for a fall wedding!

Kazoos: Venue won’t let you throw anything at all? Guests can make your exit a musical by tooting kazoos.

Bubbles: Another great option if your venue will not let you throw anything, bubbles create little to no mess and the bubble bottles can be decorated and given as favors.

Sprinkles: Really colorful and affordable, throwing sprinkles will photograph very nicely and be beautiful pops of color.

Rose Petals: The flower gil doesn’t have to be the only one throwing flowers, guests can shower you with petals as well, which looks gorgeous in photos.

Beach Balls: Love this for a beach or casual outdoor wedding! It’s too cute!

Baseball Bats: So cute for a couple who shares a love for sports, guests can make a bridge for bride and groom to walk under as they leave.

Ribbons/Streamers: Attach ribbons or streamers to sticks/wands so guests can wave them as you walk past.

Glitter/Sequins: Who doesn’t love shiny things? Glitter and/or sequins though messy, will look so cute in photos.

Sparklers: This obviously needs to be done with caution, but sparklers light up the night sky and look awesome as you make your big exit.

Since most of these can make quite a mess, I say choose what makes you happy, but also consider those who are cleaning up. I think some of the best options are those that are eco-friednly and biodegradable.

Most of all, make your exit a unique one!

In Love,

The RiL Girls